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Shock wave therapy
SWT belongs to the hardware rehabilitation methods of treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The main therapeutic effect is to accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues and relieve pain. The effectiveness of the method is based on the point effect of high-energy infrasonic shock wave on the zone of injury, namely on the zone of pain. When passing through human tissues, the infrasonic shock wave affects the acoustically compacted formations, provoking the loosening of calcinates, deposited salts and fibrous growths of the tissue. An additional therapeutic effect is a significant improvement in blood flow and stimulation of new capillaries. As a result of therapy, a stable therapeutic effect is achieved: muscle tension is relieved, tissue tone and elasticity are restored, and the pain syndrome completely disappears.
Shock wave therapy is used in diseases that lead to degenerative and trophic changes in bone, cartilage and muscle tissues, changes caused by salt deposits, microcirculation disorders and chronic inflammation, leading to fibrous tissue rearrangement, since it is indicated in the treatment of:
• deforming arthrosis of the joints
• plantar fasciitis
• heel spur
• hematoma
• enthesopathy
• bursitis
• epicondylitis
• tendinitis
• gout
• muscle hypertonia
• myositis
• achylodinia
• Dupoitren’s disease
SWT is not recommended for use to:
• persons under 23 years of age
• pregnant women
• people with diseases of the hematopoietic system
• in the presence of benign or malignant tumors on the area of exposure
• in acute infectious diseases and some other conditions
• the absolute contraindication is a pacemaker in the patient’s body