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Transcarpathia makes an unforgettable impression regardless of the season. Thus, even a few visits will not be far enough to get acquainted with it. Depending on your preferences, we will organize half or full day excursions to explore cultural and artistic monuments, look into Mukachevo or Uzhhorod castles, visit cheese or wine tastings, climb to the mountain peak or go for a bike ride in the surroundings. We are sure that they will help you discover the beauty of the region and gain an unforgettable experience that will remain in your memory for a long time.


Uzhhorod – the 16th-century-old wine cellars – the Templars medieval castle –monastery – gypsy settlement in the mountains – Uzhhorod DURATION OF THE TOUR – 7 HOURS. The tour starts at 09:00 The tour ends at 16:00 The tour programme: - Departure from Uzhhorod. - Overviewing the ruins of one of the most mysterious castles in Ukraine (16th -17th centuries) – the Templars castle. Secrets of the fortress and its former inhabitants. - Visiting the legendary historic wine cellars. The most interesting tour and vintage wines tasting. Serednyansky wine cellars are among the oldest in Europe, their total length being more than 4.5 km. They were made in 1557 by captured Turks in a solid rock – tuff. At present, the cellars entirely belong to the Serednyansky Winery, which one time, repeatedly won prizes in international competitions. The most famous vintage wines of the plant are Rose of Zakarpattia, Pearl of the Carpathians, Serednyanske, Radiant and others. Today you can see the historic cellars and sample some of the products. - Visiting the Holy Intercession Men’s Monastery, getting acquainted with the monastery, Christian shrines, the monastery’s farm and the cheese produced here after Italian technologies. - Lunch. - Visiting a gypsy settlement. Acquaintance with its life and traditions, economy, priorities and philosophy of the settlers. - Return to Uzhhorod. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Travel by comfortable bus Tour guide Excursion service at tourist sites PAID ADDITIONALLY: Wine tasting in ancient cellars – 120 UAH/person. Lunch Personal expenses


Uzhhorod – Khust – Lypcha (deer farm) – Iza (wickerwork) – Velyatyno (thermal pools) – Velyka Kopania – Uzhhorod The tour starts at 08:00 The tour ends at 19:00 DURATION OF THE TOUR – 11 hours On the outskirts of the town of Khust there is a stop near the Red Field memorial complex, erected in honour of the defenders for independence of the state of Carpathian Ukraine. The events dedicated to the memorial complex have become a bright page in the history of the struggle for independence of our country. Between the villages of Iza and Lypcha there is a unique place – a spotted deer farm, which occupies 57 hectares. Spotted deer are one of the most beautiful animals on the planet :)) it is not for nothing that in China these animals are called “deer-flower”. The deer on the farm are not afraid of people and eat from their hands as well as are willing to have pictures taken with tourists. These are very gentle animals. The next stop is in the village of Iza, where craftsmen, honing their art for centuries, have achieved great skill, glorifying their village far beyond the land. Apparently, there is no such thing in the world that a copy of Izyan masters could not make from the vine. Directly in the village yards there are many shops where products of local masters are presented. In memory of our tour about Zakarpattia, we recommend buying the best works of folk artists. In the village of Baranovo you will visit a cheese factory. After visiting the production site and getting acquainted with the technology, you will discover the whole world of cheese, and by participating in the tasting, you will become a big fan of this product, if not already :)) Here you can buy cheese produce. Then – swimming in thermal pools in Velyatyno – a great way to heal, strengthen the immune system, treat diseases and just have a good rest. Great effect and well-being are guaranteed! On the territory of the complex there are 6 thermal baths with different mineral composition. The town of Khust: an interesting history of the ancient town, with the ruins of Khust Castle rising over it, and even being destroyed they impress with grandeur. The village of Velyka Kopania with its Chorgo springs is a stop to take a rest and taste the purest spring water in Ukraine! Water contains a lot of silver. The springs have another interesting feature, as it is with this water that locals attribute the main reason for the mass birth of twins in the village. Due to the phenomenon of the birth of twins, the village of Velyka Kopania is included in the Ukrainian Guinness Book of Records. According to local belief, after tasting the spring water, all those who have problems with childbirth become happy parents. True or not, but the spring water is delicious, indeed. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Travel by comfortable bus Tour guide Excursion service at tourist sites PAID ADDITIONALLY: Entrance ticket to the farm – 40 UAH/person. Lunch Swimming in Velyatyno – 200 UAH/person. Cheese tasting –120 UAH/person.


Uzhhorod – Mukachevo – Kolochava – Vuchkovo The tour starts at 8:00 The tour ends at 21:00 DURATION OF THE TOUR – 13 hours Excursion to Kolochava and the geyser, programme: - 08:00 – Departure from Uzhhorod. - 08:45 – Departure from Mukachevo. - Amazing panoramas of the serpentine Volovets pass - Crossing to the Synevyr Pass, which has become a real icon of Transcarpathian painting for artists. - Crossing to the village-museum of Kolochava. The sightseeing tour of the historical centre of Kolochava, taking photos near the unique monuments of Kolochava. - Exciting tour of the Museum of Architecture and Life of Zakarpattia. - Excursion to the Kolochavska narrow-gauge railway, the only museum of the narrow-gauge railway history in Ukraine, containing a rare operating locomotive and 10 carriages filled with interesting exhibits. - “Life in Kolochava 150 years ago” theatrical performance. - Lunch in the hut (kolyba). - Visiting a unique church built without a single nail. - The only mountain bird park in Ukraine with 2,000 exotic parrots and sports pigeons in an ordinary Carpathian yard. -Crossing to a high mountain village. - Geyser on the banks of a mountain stream, alpine honey, a monument to a bee, healing water and the longest bridge in the area (93 m). - Return to Uzhhorod at 22.00 INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Travel by comfortable bus Tour guide Excursion service at tourist sites PAID ADDITIONALLY: Entrance tickets to reserves and museums – 100 UAH/person. Lunch Theatrical performance – 80 UAH/person.


Uzhhorod – Synevyrska Polyana – Pylypets – Uzhhorod The tour starts at 8:00 The tour ends at 22:00 DURATION OF THE TOUR – 14 hours Excursion programme to Synevyr: - Departure from Uzhhorod. - Amazing panoramic views from the Volovets Pass. - Crossing to the village of Synevyrska Polyana. Excursion to the national park to the beautiful Synevyr lake. - Visiting a bear shelter. - Lunch in the hut (kolyba), Hutsul cuisine. - Crossing to the village of Pylypets. A stroll to the largest waterfall in Zakarpattia - Shypit. - Climb on Mount Gimba, amazing Borzhavsky mountain meadows. - Return to Uzhhorod. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Travel by comfortable bus Tour guide Excursion service at tourist sites PAID ADDITIONALLY: Lift by cable car – 140 UAH/person. Entrance tickets: to the lake (25 UAH/person), waterfall (15 UAH/person), to the shelter for bears (25 UAH/person) Lunch


Uzhhorod – Serednie – Mukachevo – Chynadiyevo – Karpaty resort – Uzhhorod The tour starts at 9:00 The tour ends at 17:00 DURATION OF THE TOUR – 8 hours Excursion programme to Zakarpattia castles: – Departure from Uzhhorod. – Crossing to the village of Serednie, where you will get to know the history of the eastern outpost of the Knights Templar, one of the most mysterious castles not only in Zakarpattia, but also in all of Ukraine – the Serednie Castle. – Excursion to the historic center of Mukachevo (the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Martin of the 4th century, the Greek Catholic Cathedral of the 9th century, the City Hall and other cultural and architectural monuments). – Excursion to the Palanok castle in Mukachevo (9th-8th centuries), which is rightfully considered one of the seven architectural wonders of Ukraine. – Lunch. – Visiting the castle of love – St. Miklos Castle (15th century), located in the village of Chynadiyevo. – Excursion to the romantic hunting castle of the Schönborn Counts (19th century). The hunting castle was built in a neo-romantic style, combining Romanesque and Gothic motifs. An incredibly fascinating architectural structure! A stroll along the alleys of the ancient county arboretum park to the fountain of youth. A lake with ducks and swans, an aviary with wild animals. A special aura of pacification reigns here... – Return to Uzhhorod. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Travel by comfortable bus Tour guide Excursion service at tourist sites PAID ADDITIONALLY: Entrance tickets to castles: the Palanok (100 UAH ), St. Miklos (30 UAH), the Palace of Schönborn Count (20 UAH) Lunch


Uzhorod – Chernoholova – Stanychny tract – Blue Lagoon – Uzhhorod The tour starts at 9:00 The tour ends at 17:00 DURATION OF THE TOUR – 8 hours Excursion programme: 09.00 – Departure from Uzhhorod – Crossing to the village of Chornoholova. – Visiting the wooden church of the 17th century. – Hiking to the mountain lagoon – in a day you will pass approximately15 km! The path lies along the Lyutyanka mountain river, tightly compressed on both sides by the soles of mountain ranges. However, the rise on the path is almost not noticeable. – On the way there is the Stanychny tract – a real paradise nook surrounded by steep mountain slopes! We will make a short stop here. – After having a snack and gaining strength, we move to the river lagoon. – In some places, you will come across single rails sticking out of the ground – once a narrow-gauge railway ran along the river, “carrying a сart with brushwood” from these hard-to-reach places. – The reward for the journey made will be 2 things: the mountain lagoon itself, with turquoise and unexpectedly deep water (up to 3 meters) for such places, and stones of bizarre shapes polished over thousands of years. You look – and it is no longer a stone, but waves frozen in stone! Such an amazing phenomenon! – Picnic, mountain herbs tea, and unique photos for memory. – Now you are definitely in love with the Carpathians! – Return to Uzhhorod at about 18:00. On the trip you need: – comfortable shoes (for example: trekking sandals, sneakers, boots); – headwear (sun protection); – raincoat (in case of rain, the weather in the mountains is changeable); – sandwiches (for lunch by the lagoon); – water (you can take an empty bottle and collect water from a spring on the way); – good mood! – definitely!!! INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Travel by comfortable bus Tour guide Excursion service at tourist sites


Uzhhorod – Urych – Bubnyshche – Uzhhorod Excursion programme: –The rocks of Dovbush are one of the Ukrainian ”places of power” located on the border of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. They are surrounded by strange stone giants that once rested at the bottom of the ancient sea, which turned into an emerald forest. Here you can come across “Kiss of the Doggo”, “Suitcase of Salvador Dali”, “Space Intruders”, “Jolly Roger”, “The Grumbling of the Lambs” and other bizarre formations. You will learn many secrets and legends surrounding the ancient sanctuary. Walking through the Dovbush Rocks, do not miss the opportunity to placate the Forest Lord carved on the Dragon’s Tail, to climb through the Limbo crevice that’s only 22 cm wide (if, of course, your sins can fit it), to unravel ancient and modern “petroglyphs”, to see the stone ear and heart of Oleksa Dovbush and admire the magnificent panorama of the Carpathian Mountains from the top of the rocks. –The Rock (Cave) monastery, which is a unique example of sacral construction of the 10th–13th centuries, impresses with its mystery and belongs to the unique archaeological monuments of Ukraine. –The rock fortress-city of Tustan (9th-16th centuries) is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Ukraine. Among its admirers were Lesya Ukrainka, Ivan Franko, as well as Ivan Vahylevych. Tustan is a unique monument of history and architecture and has no analogues in the world. Powerful rock formations have been preserved to this day, which give an idea of the scale and grandeur of the fortress. Departure from Uzhhorod is at 07:00, Mukachevo – at 07:45. You must have with you: • Small tourist backpack; • Raincoat or membrane jacket; • Comfortable shoes (preferably trekking shoes); • Panama, bandana or other headwear; • Bottle of water; • Snack on the road; • Individual first aid kit, plaster, bandage, mask. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Travel by comfortable bus Tour guide Excursion service at tourist sites PAID ADDITIONALLY: Entrance tickets Lunch Personal expenses


Uzhhorod – Goryany – Dravtsi – Uzhhorod The tour starts at 10:00 The tour ends at 15:00 DURATION OF THE TOUR – 7 hours Bus tour about Uzhhorod and surroundings: o Excursion walk about the town. o Introducing cute bronze mini-sculptures. This is the “feature” of Uzhhorod. Every year there are getting more and more of them. Monuments are dedicated to interesting historical figures, characters or mythical heroes. Guests of the town will be able to see Mozart, Harry Houdini, Andy Warhol, the Eiffel Tower, a family of hedgehogs, a bronze TV set and many other curiosities. o Visiting the town’s cozy coffee shops and tasting real Transcarpathian coffee. After all, it is not for nothing that they say Lviv is famous for its coffee shops, while Uzhhorod – for its coffee! Cafes in Uzhhorod are also fine! o Visiting the sacred monument of Ukraine – the oldest functioning temple of the 11th century. The Goryan Rotunda church – sung in legends, shrouded in mystery, still raises many questions about its origin. Six walls of the ancient temple are decorated with frescoes of the 14th century and ancient wall paintings, which will impress you with the skill of execution. o Visiting the iconic and cheerful inn-museum “Detsa (100ml) at the Notary”: the history of its origin, a peculiar Transcarpathian humour, an interesting biography of the owner. o Lunch. o 15.00 – return to Uzhhorod. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Travel by comfortable bus Tour guide Excursion service at tourist sites PAID ADDITIONALLY: Lunch in the inn – approximately 150 UAH/person Transcarpathian coffee tasting Personal expenses

9. Lumshory

Uzhhorod – Lumshory – Perechyn – Nevitske – Uzhhorod DURATION OF THE TOUR – 8 hours The tour starts at 09:00 The tour ends at 17:00 Excursion programme: Bathing in Lumshory tubs: o Departure from Uzhhorod. o Crossing to the small highland village of Lumshory. o A stroll along the Turichka mountain stream to the small but very picturesque waterfalls of Davir and Nightingale. o SPA procedures: alternating bathing in tubs with hot mineral water and a cold mountain river. An unforgettable experience! A huge cast-iron tub with a capacity of approximately 2,000 liters stands in the middle of a roofless wooden hut. It is filled with mineral water and heated with wood on an open fire. There are several stones in the tub. You climb inside (4-5 people), and the hospitable owner puts wood in the fire and “cooks” you over a slow fire. As soon as you feel that the blood begins to boil (although, in fact, the water is heated to no more than + 45 ° C), jump out! A few steps away – an icy mountain stream, dive there – and back into the tub. o Crossing to Perechyn. Lunch-tasting of Transcarpathian cuisine in the Horseshoe ethno-restaurant. o Crossing to the castle hill near the village of Nevitske. Excursion through the ruins of Nevytskyi Castle (15th century) – the most mystical castle in Zakarpattia. History and legends of ancient walls. According to the legend, young brides of a noble family were buried in it, away from human eyes. Amazing photos with a view of the Uzhan Valley and the Slovak Tatras. o Return to Uzhhorod Excursion day: Monday. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Tour guide Excursion service at tourist sites PAID ADDITIONALLY: Tub bathing – approximately 150 UAH/person Lunch-tasting – 200 UAH/person