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The Verkhovyna Resort is a place of strength, inspiration and beauty-meditation, where, despite the stress and uncertainty of today, you can put aside anxious thoughts and find peace.
The PIED-DE-POULE salon, which has been a partner of our complex since November 15 and provides its services in a stylish space on the second floor of the Palace of Pools building, helps to create beauty.
The salon welcomes both hotel guests and city residents. The services include hairstyles, haircuts, hair dyeing, manicure, makeup, etc. Here one can be provided with an assortment of professional cosmetics and have hair care consultations. A convenient location, stylish interior, qualified artists and our own SPA area – we have taken into account every detail to make you feel special!

A synergy of high-class service and sophisticated, well-thought-out space. PIED-DE-POULE is the first-class franchise of beauty salons in Uzhhorod.

Reservation and information

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  • Women’s haircuts: from 1400 UAH
  • Hair styling: from 500 UAH
  • Hair dyeing: from 1600 UAH
  • Manicure: from 400 UAH
  • Pedicure: from 600 UAH
  • Makeup: from 500 UAH
  • Men’s haircuts: from 800 UAH
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